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Bridal Couture Week 2022

Bridal Couture Week 2022

 A celebration of the Artisan,

In 2012 the Rizwan Beyg Label moved its embroidery workshops from the city to the villages of South Punjab. After several years of training female artisans of small villages in the Bahawalpur district, these women were then employed by the label to produce its line of bridal, couture, and pret labels.

After receiving the prestigious Tamgah-e-Imtiaz award last year for his services to rural
development and female empowerment under the Bunyaad initiative Rizwan Beyg
continues to carry this tradition forward across borders, most recently to the UAE to train the Emirati women of Sharjah in embroidery skills.

The collection is entirely embellished by these rural women in various mediums
techniques and styles of embroidery and is a homage to these amazing women whose skill set after a decade speaks volumes of their hard work and dedication despite being mothers, daughters, and wives.

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Talia Bridal Silver PearlsTalia Bridal Silver Pearls
Talia Bridal Silver Pearls Sale priceRs.3,500,000.00
Palmyra Choli Lehanga & Dupatta
Palmyra Choli Lehanga & Dupatta Sale priceRs.3,250,000.00
Indian Paisley Pishwas SilverIndian Paisley Pishwas Silver
Indian Paisley Pishwas Silver Sale priceRs.1,850,000.00
Indian Paisley Pishwas
Indian Paisley Pishwas Sale priceRs.3,250,000.00
Maroon Memoni Lehenga, Choli and DupattaMaroon Memoni Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta
Shaheema Yellow New VersionShaheema Yellow New Version
Shaheema Yellow New Version Sale priceRs.485,000.00
Mephisto Yellow Bridal
Mephisto Yellow Bridal Sale priceRs.606,250.00
Kesar Mephisto Choli Lehanga & Dupatta YellowKesar Mephisto Choli Lehanga & Dupatta Yellow
Indian Paisley Pishwas GoldIndian Paisley Pishwas Gold
Indian Paisley Pishwas Gold Sale priceRs.1,850,000.00
Talia Bridal Silver Pink
Talia Bridal Silver Pink Sale priceRs.1,106,250.00
Chamanzar Bridal PinkChamanzar Bridal Pink
Chamanzar Bridal Pink Sale priceRs.2,000,000.00
Regina Lighter Version
Regina Lighter Version Sale priceRs.1,500,000.00
Pani Work kurta & Dupatta Green
Pani Work kurta & Dupatta Green Sale priceRs.750,000.00
Pani Work kurta & Shawl Blue
Pani Work kurta & Shawl Blue Sale priceFrom Rs.750,000.00
Beige Shehernaz Shawl & ShirtBeige Shehernaz Shawl & Shirt
Beige Shehernaz Shawl & Shirt Sale priceRs.1,062,500.00
Blue Shehernaz Shawl & ShirtBlue Shehernaz Shawl & Shirt
Blue Shehernaz Shawl & Shirt Sale priceRs.1,062,500.00
Off White Shehernaz Shawl & ShirtOff White Shehernaz Shawl & Shirt
Off White Shehernaz Shawl & Shirt Sale priceRs.1,062,500.00
Maroon Shehernaz Shawl & ShirtMaroon Shehernaz Shawl & Shirt
Maroon Shehernaz Shawl & Shirt Sale priceRs.1,062,500.00
Gold Marori On Red Chiffon Kurta & DupattaGold Marori On Red Chiffon Kurta & Dupatta
Mirha Bridal Magenta
Mirha Bridal Magenta Sale priceRs.162,500.00
Mirha Bridal FuchsiaMirha Bridal Fuchsia
Mirha Bridal Fuchsia Sale priceRs.162,500.00
Mirha Bridal OrangeMirha Bridal Orange
Mirha Bridal Orange Sale priceRs.162,500.00
Mephisto Orange Bridal
Mephisto Orange Bridal Sale priceRs.606,250.00
Amaltas Bridal RedAmaltas Bridal Red
Amaltas Bridal Red Sale priceRs.812,500.00
Talia Bridal Turquoise with Shawl & FarshiTalia Bridal Turquoise with Shawl & Farshi
MultiColor PishwasMultiColor Pishwas
MultiColor Pishwas Sale priceRs.812,500.00
Pink Memoni Lehanga Choli & Dupatta
Pink Memoni Lehanga Choli & Dupatta Sale priceRs.2,250,000.00
Gold Marori On Green Chiffon Kurta & Dupatta
Gold Marori On Purple Chiffon Kurta & Dupatta